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Deca - Deca's Terminal Blocks - 10 April 2012

DECA's terminal blocks.
DECA have full-integrated production equipment, so the whole production process, including injection, stamping, assembly, are all controlled by them, providing technical support and complete quality testing to ensure high grade products.

    Euro Type Terminal Blocks

  • Maintenance free, vibration proof and preventing the screw from loosening while using on the printed circuit board.
  • Use high oxidation-resistant & high temperature insulating material.
  • Low cost fast assembly simplifies the complexity of customer's wiring.
  • MC series are connected with large wire capacity up to 1.5mm2.
  • MD series are protected by excellent high-temperature insulating housing.

  • Barrier Type Terminal Blocks

  • Use high temperature insulating material.
  • Greater pitch can withstand higher voltage.
  • Simple construction can increase more functionality.

  • DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

  • The insulating housing of the screw terminal blocks are made of high quality material-PA6.6. Polyamide 6.6 is certified for the inflammability class V0 in accordance with UL94.
  • All the materials used by DECA are RoHS complaint.
  • Corrosion-proof contact point.
  • Strong contact force, low voltage drop and excellent connection. (A reliable electrical and mechanical connection)
  • Easy for extension of terminal connection.
  • Ease of handling and safe connection.
  • An excellent vibration proof protection against loosening.
  • Easy mounting and dismounting from the terminal rail.

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