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Linx Technologies, Inc. - LINX - a growing RF technology company - 23 April 2012

Linx Technologies, Inc. is comprised of three divisions: Linx Technologies, Antenna Factor, and Connector City. The largest division, Linx Technologies, specializes in hybrid wireless modules, OEM RF products, and interface solutions such as encoder/decoder ICs.

Antenna Factor specializes in cost-effective standard and custom antennas for a wide range of consumer and industrial wireless products.

Connector City provides high quality standard and custom connectors and cable assemblies for volume OEM applications.

  • Linx Technologies Acquires Radiotronix and Announces New Products

  • Linx Technologies a developer and manufacturer of wireless products have acquired Radiotronix, another developer and manufacturer of RF modules.

    Linx will manufacture and provide long-term support for the Wi.232DTS, Wi.232FHSS, Wi.DP1203 and Wi.DP1205 product lines from Radiotronix.

    Linx also offers drop-in replacements for many Radiotronix antennas and connectors.

  • Linx Battery Holders Are Compact and Affordable

  • New surface and through-hole mount battery holders from Linx provide solid electrical contact for CR1216, CR1225, CR2016, CR2025 and CR2032 lithium coin and button cells. The compact design of the holders is great for space-constrained applications such as computers, remote controls and other handheld electronics. The battery holders' low price makes them a smart choice for high-volume projects. Their nickel-plated phosphor bronze construction provides good conductivity and strength. Two metal arms secure the battery to the contact patch.

  • GPS Daughter Boards Simplify Hand Assembly

  • Tired of soldering by hand?

    GPS daughter boards with attached modules make it simple to add GPS functionality to solderless breadboards. Insert the daughter board pins through breadboard holes for easy hand assembly. Daughter boards are available for the SG Series and SR Series GPS modules.

  • Compact, Tamper-Resistant Monopole Antenna

  • Antenna Factor's new WRT-MON Series monopole antenna is compact and tamper-resistant. It's great for applications like wireless vending machines, traffic equipment and power equipment where space is limited and security is important.

    Compared to the WRT Series dipole antenna, the WRT-MON Series monopole antenna takes up much less space inside the product. The antenna requires a proximity ground plane. It installs through a small hole on the product and is anchored by a threaded metal base connected to the coax cable shield.

    The WRT-MON Series antenna is available in 2.4GHz. It's attached to an 8.5in long coax cable with an RP-SMA, SMA or U.FL/MHF-compatible connector on the other end. The RP-SMA and SMA connectors use an RG-174 coax. The U.FL/MHF connector uses a 1.32mm micro-coax.

  • Dual-Band Antennas Available With SMA Connectors

  • Antenna Factor announces the availability of its RMS Series and RMT Series dual-band antennas with standard SMA connector terminations.

    The RMS is a compact, unobtrusive dual-band antenna. The RMT is a futuristic-looking dual-band antenna. Both models cover the 860MHz-960MHz and 1.77GHz-1.88GHz bands and are designed for permanent mounting through a metal surface such as an automobile roof or boot.

    The antennas are supplied with 14 feet (4.3m) of RG-58 cable and are also available with a TNC or Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connector.

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