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MicroPower Direct LLC - Miniature SIP Integrated Hybrid IGBT Driver - 19 September 2012

IDG962 - Designed to drive N-channel IGBT modules. It provides the I/O isolation, high speed, drive voltage stability and fault protection required to control most MOS gated power devices.

The IGD962 is recommended for use with:
- 600V Series IGBT (up to 600A)
- 1200V Series IGBT (up to 400A)
- 1700V Series IGBT (up to 200A)

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    Key Features
  • Internal Optocoupler
  • 30 kV/µS CMR
  • 3,750 VAC Isolation
  • Up to 5A Drive Current
  • Two Supply Drive Topology
  • TTL Compatible Input
  • Short Circuit Protected
  • Fault Signal Output

  • The model line-up is as follows:
    ModelIsolationDrive CurrentSwitching Frequency
    IGD9623,750 VAC5A20 kHz

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