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Virscient Limited - Embedded Wireless Connectivity Platform - 19 September 2012

Virscient the Wireless Connectivity Specialists launches UbiquiOS - the embedded wireless connectivity platform for the Internet of Things.

Virscient UbiquiOS is an embedded operating system and network stack that provides standards-based wireless and wired connectivity in embedded and resource constrained applications.

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    Key Benefits
  • Vendor product differentiation through integrated wireless and wired connectivity
  • Enables cloud-based management and monitoring services which benefit both consumer and vendor
  • Leverage significant world-wide deployment of standards-based wireless and wired network infrastructure including Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • Modular and flexible hardware and software architecture scales from niche products to high volume consumer goods

  • Applications
  • Intelligent appliances, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
  • Connectivity for cloud-based appliance and energy monitoring services
  • Remote diagnostic and fulfillment of equipment service contracts
  • Energy monitoring, smart metering, and smart grid
  • Security and home automation systems
  • Connectivity for managed appliances in the hospitality service industry
  • Dynamic demand management in large-scale appliance equipment deployments
  • Monitoring and control of plant and machinery

  • Supported Hardware
    UbiquiOS supports connectivity hardware from a broad range of low cost and low power microcontrollers, including:
  • Atmel ARM MCUs such as the AT91SAM family
  • Atmel 32bit AVR® microcontrollers
  • Energy Micro EFM32 CortexM3based MCUs
  • Microchip 32bit PIC® based on MIPS® M4K®
  • NXP ARM based MCUs including LPC families
  • ST Microelectronics STM32 32bit MCUs

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