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Analog Devices, Inc - Octal Ultrasound AFE-Low Cost & Power, Small Size - 25 October 2012

Analog Devices's AD9671 Octal ultrasound receiver with JESD204B serial interface reduces data I/O routing.

Eight channels of data from RF to a baseband frequency, reducing the processing load on the system FPGA by at least 50% compared to other receivers.

It also offers a low noise of 0.78 nV/√Hz typical at 5 MHz (gain = 21.3 dB) and harmonic rejection to 13th order on CW-Doppler signals.

It is available in a 144-ball 10 x 10 mm BGA.

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    Key Features
  • 8 channels of LNA, VGA, AAF, ADC, and digital demodulator/decimator
  • Low noise preamplifier (LNA)
  • Variable gain amplifier (VGA)
  • Antialiasing filter (AAF)
  • Analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • JESD204B Subclass 0 coded serial digital outputs
  • CW mode harmonic rejection I/Q demodulator
  • Digital demodulator/decimator

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