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Infinite Power Solutions - New 4V Solid-State Battery (HEC) Technology - 25 October 2012

IPS's new 4V Solid-State Battery (HEC) technology achieves record Energy Density >1,000Wh/l.

Rechargeable battery High Energy Cell technology using only low cost non-vacuum manufacturing processes.

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    Key Features
  • Delivers high power, ultra-low self-discharge rate and long life for permanent battery implementations.
  • Offers much higher cell capacity than existing thin-film technology.
  • Volumetric energy density of greater than 1,000Wh/l, unprecedented for a 4V rechargeable.
  • Can produce a single cell capacity of 85mAh per charge cycle in a 20mm dia. round cell 1mm thick.
  • Continuous current capability of 30mA and a peak pulse current of up to 90mA at 25°C.
  • Employing HEC technology into a tiny fully encapsulated, 4.8mm round cell with only 1.0mm thickness delivers ~3mAh of capacity at a continuous current of ~35µA providing a pulse current of ~3mA at 25°C.

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