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Analog Devices, Inc - Why Aren't You Using MEMS Microphones! - 16 November 2012

MEMS Microphones provide unprecedented performance and reliability, featuring the industry's most robust audio performance specifications.

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  • Provides up to 65dBA SNR for superior far field audio capture
  • Wideband frequency response from 100Hz up to 20kHz for superb intelligibility
  • A fraction of the size of electret microphones
  • Available with analog or digital outputs, including I2S
  • Unlike electret microphones can be reflowed with other components
  • Complementary audio signal chain components include:
    - Low Power CODECs
    - SigmaDSP® Processors
    - Blackfin® Processors
    - Class-D Amplifiers

  • Specifications
    Part NoTypePort LocationSNR (dBA)Equivalent Input Noise (dBA)Sensitivity @ 1kHzPSRFrequency ResponsePackage
    ADMP521PDMBottom65dB29dB-26 dBFS-80 dBFS100Hz to 16kHz3.00x4.00x1.00mm LGA
    ADMP441I2SBottom61dB33dB-26 dBFS-75 dBFS60Hz to 15kHz4.72x3.76x1.00mm LGA
    ADMP504AnalogBottom65dB29dB-38 dBV-70 dBV100Hz to 20kHz3.35x2.5x0.88mm LGA
    ADMP404AnalogBottom62dB32dB-38 dBV-70 dBV100Hz to 15kHz3.35x2.5x0.88mm LGA
    ADMP405AnalogBottom62dB32dB-38 dBV-70 dBV200Hz to 15kHz3.35x2.5x0.88mm LGA
    ADMP401AnalogBottom62dB32dB-42 dBV-70 dBV100Hz to 15kHz4.72x3.76x1.00mm LGA
    ADMP421PDMBottom61dB33dB-26 dBFS-80 dBFS100Hz to 15kHz3.00x4.00x1.00mm LGA

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