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NXP Semiconductors - Revolutionizing Simplicity 32-bit Micro LPC800 - 16 November 2012

LPC800 microcontroller delivers basic building block for every embedded toolbox.

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  • LPC800 - a 32-bit microcontroller designed specifically for the 8-bit world
  • Available in low-pin-count packages, with easy-to-use peripherals and the exceptional power efficiency of the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor
  • Features include a flexible switch matrix enabling designers to assign on-chip peripherals to any pin with a single line of code
  • SPI can operate as a slave at frequencies independent of the processor clock
  • I2C allows the LPC800 to lie and wait at near-zero power consumption, even without a system clock, and wake up upon an address match
  • The LPC800 is fully compatible with the Cortex-M architecture and instruction set, and offers superior code density to 8/16-bit architectures
  • Other peripherals include an analog comparator, available with an external voltage reference; 4-channel multi-rate timer; wake-up timer; up to 18 GPIOs

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