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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor - Highly Integrated Power ICs - 22 November 2012

AOZ123x-01 - Highly integrated Power ICs for next generation computing platforms.

Proprietary Constant On-Time (COT) architecture enables low ripple operation with small ceramic output capacitors, offers ultra-fast transient response.


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  • AOZ1232-01 and AOZ1233-01, high efficiency, easy-to-use synchronous EZBuck™ regulators featuring a proprietary Constant On-Time (COT) control architecture that enables smaller solutions
  • Provide an optimal solution for next generation computing chipsets that are pushing the limits of DC/DC converter size
  • AOZ1232-01 and AOZ1233-01 provide 6A and 8A of continuous output current, in a 5x5mm QFN package, while operating over a wide input voltage range of 2.7V to 28V
  • Proprietary COT architecture provides ultra-fast load transient response performance allowing stable and low voltage ripple operation with small size ceramic capacitors
  • AOZ123x-01 were designed for high performance and ease of use for next generation computing platforms (latest notebook PCs, ultrabooks, graphics cards, servers, data storage systems, and high-end smart TVs)

    Part NoDescriptionPGOODSoft StartProduct TypePackageMin V (in) VMax V (in) VMax I (out) AMin V (out) VMax V (out) VOperating Freq KHz
    AOZ1232QI-016A COT EZBuck RegulatorYesExternal - ProgrammableBuckQFN5x5-30L2.72860.8241,000
    AOZ1233QI-018A COT EZBuck RegulatorYesExternal - ProgrammableBuckQFN5x5-30L2.72880.8241,000

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