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Analog Devices, Inc - ADXL362 Low Power MEMS Accelerometer - 17 December 2012

Consumes less than 2µA at 100Hz output data rate and 270nA when in motion triggered wake-up mode.

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  • Ultralow power
    -- Power can be derived from coin cell battery
    -- 1.8µA @ 100 Hz ODR, 2.0V supply
    -- 3.0µA @ 400 Hz ODR, 2.0V supply
    -- 270nA motion activated wake-up mode
    -- 10nA standby current
  • High resolution: 1mg/LSB
  • Built-in features for system-level power savings:
    -- Adjustable threshold sleep/wake modes for motion activation
  • Low noise down to 175µg/√Hz
  • Wide supply and I/O voltage ranges: 1.6V to 3.5V
    -- Operates off 1.8V to 3.3V rails
  • Acceleration sample synchronization via external trigger
  • On-chip temperature sensor

  • Applications
  • Hearing aids
  • Home healthcare devices
  • Motion enabled power save switches
  • Wireless sensors
  • Motion enabled metering devices

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