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High Speed Passive Tag Interface
New interface chip from ams drives down the cost of adding high data-rate NFC capability to microcontroller designs.
Instrumentation Amp - Zero-Drift Accuracy
AD8237 Instrumentation amp combines power efficiency, zero-drift accuracy, and value.
LPC11U30 USB Microcontrollers with 128 KB Flash
Easy-to-use, low-power USB solutions based on ARM Cortex-M0 with more memory and package configuration options.
HopeRF ZigBee Network Modules
Low-cost, high performance, easy to use modules.

  • HPZB01 ZigBee Network Protocol Module. Max Tx power up to +8dBm.
  • HPZB01P 20dBm ZigBee Network Protocol Module. Max TX power up to +20dBm.
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    Higher Voltages Low-Power Op Amps
    Microchip expands low-power Op Amps into higher voltages with three new 12V families.

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