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Miniature 15W, 4:1 Input DC/DC Converters
Fourteen models operate from wide 4:1 inputs of 9 to 36 or 18 to 75 VDC; providing outputs of 3.3, 5.1, 12, 15, ±5, ±12, or ±15 VDC in a compact 24 pin DIP package.
Free MPLAB® XC32++ Compiler
Free C++ Compiler enables maximum code re-use, is standards compliant for commercial applications, includes Dinkumware® Libraries has no time or memory limits.
High Voltage,Low Quiescent Current Buck Reg
The ADP2370/ADP2371 are high efficiency, low quiescent current, 800 mA buck (step-down) dc-to-dc converters in small 8-lead, 3 mm x 3 mm LFCSP (QFN) packages.
Industry's Smallest Automotive Keyless Entry Chip
NCF2960 Single-chip security transponder and keyless entry solution.
High Speed Passive Tag Interface
New interface chip from ams drives down the cost of adding high data-rate NFC capability to microcontroller designs.

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