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Volatile Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
MCP47A1 a Low-Power, Low-Cost 6-bit Volatile DAC with Command Code features 1.8-5.5V Wide Operating Voltage Range; I2C™ and SMBus™ compatibility.
Two new 2 A Low VCEsat Transistors in SOT89
The PBSS4240X (NPN) and PBSS5240X (PNP) combine low saturation voltage, high collector current and high current gain.
HopeRF ZigBee Network Modules
Low-cost, high performance, easy to use modules.

  • HPZB01 ZigBee Network Protocol Module. Max Tx power up to +8dBm.
  • HPZB01P 20dBm ZigBee Network Protocol Module. Max TX power up to +20dBm.
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    The Lizard Lounge is Now Open!
    This is an EFM32 forum and knowledge base hosted by Energy Micro support team to give first class EFM32 technical answers that all users can benefit from in the years to come.
    Small,Low Power AFE for Vital Sign Monitoring Apps
    The AD8232 AFE is 50 percent smaller and uses up to 20 percent less power enabling designers to develop heart rate and cardiac monitor devices for use outside of critical-care settings.

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