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Analog Devices, Inc


Analog Devices, Inc. defines innovation and excellence in signal processing.

ADI's analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (IC) play a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world phenomena such as light, sound, temperature, motion, and pressure into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of electronic equipment.


17 December 2012   -   ADXL362 Low Power MEMS Accelerometer

Consumes less than 2µA at 100Hz output data rate and 270nA when in motion triggered wake-up mode.

6 December 2012   -   AD7176-2 ADC Achieves Twice the Speed

Introducing a new multiplexed 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converter that doubles the throughput rate while dissipating less power.

AD7176-2 is a fast settling, highly accurate, high resolution, multiplexed Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for low bandwidth input signals.

The AD7176-2 can be designed into circuits together with ADI's single-supply, low-noise, low-offset AD8656 CMOS amplifier and single supply, attenuating input stage, AD8475 differential driver.

30 November 2012   -   The Most Efficient Switching Regulators

ADP2384 4-A and ADP2386 6-A, 20-V DC-DC regulators featuring ultra-high conversion efficiency of greater than 95 percent in a compact 168mm2 solution size.


21 November 2012   -   Data Acquisition IC Uses 1/3 the Board Space

16-bit, 1-Msamples/s ADAS3022 is suited for power-line monitors, process and motor control, patient monitoring other industrial and instrumentation systems that operate within the ±10-V industrial range.

16 November 2012   -   Why Aren't You Using MEMS Microphones!

MEMS Microphones provide unprecedented performance and reliability, featuring the industry's most robust audio performance specifications.

7 November 2012   -   Industry's Best Jitter Performance

AD9525 RF clock IC - Lowest jitter for communications and instrumentation equipment, requiring high-speed data conversion and optimum SNR performance.

The AD9525 operates over the extended industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, is available in a 48-lead LFCSP and can be operated from a single 3.3 V supply. The external VCXO or VCO can have an operating voltage of up to 5.5 V.

31 October 2012   -   3.5 GSPS Direct DIG Synthesizer with 12-bit DAC

The AD9914 is a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) featuring a 12-bit DAC targeted at operating up to 3.5 GSPS.

Capable of generating a frequency-agile analog output sinusoidal waveform at up to 1.4 GHz.

25 October 2012   -   Octal Ultrasound AFE-Low Cost & Power, Small Size

Analog Devices's AD9671 Octal ultrasound receiver with JESD204B serial interface reduces data I/O routing.

Eight channels of data from RF to a baseband frequency, reducing the processing load on the system FPGA by at least 50% compared to other receivers.

It also offers a low noise of 0.78 nV/√Hz typical at 5 MHz (gain = 21.3 dB) and harmonic rejection to 13th order on CW-Doppler signals.

It is available in a 144-ball 10 x 10 mm BGA.

19 October 2012   -   ADXL350 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer

The high performance ADXL350 is a small, thin, low power, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) and selectable measurement ranges up to ±8 g.

ADXL350 offers industry-leading temp° performance with guaranteed min/max specs for offset over temp°. Digital output data formatted as 16-bit twos complement and accessible through either SPI (3- or 4-wire) or I2C digital interface.

10 October 2012   -   Isolated ADC - Energy Meter Magnetic Immunity

ADE7913: 3-Channel, Isolated, Sigma Delta ADC with SPI

The ADE7913 is isolated three-input channel, analog to digital converter (ADC) for polyphase energy metering applications using shunt current sensors.

19 September 2012   -   ADC - Lowest Power in Smallest Package

AD7091R ADC with internal reference delivers lowest power in smallest package.

12-bit 1-MSPS AD7091R SAR A/D converters with internal 2.5-V reference.

11 September 2012   -   UTP Cable Equalizer for Analog Video Distribution

The Analog Devices' AD8122 is a integrated triple differential receiver and adjustable cable equalizer with the industry's highest equalized bandwidth at 300 meters and the lowest power consumption.

Designed for use in high-resolution analog video distribution systems, the AD8122 provides 60 MHz of equalized bandwidth, with a low 16-mV rms noise and a short settling time of only 70 ns to 1%.

30 August 2012   -   Instrumentation Amp - Zero-Drift Accuracy

The AD8237 micro-power, zero-drift precision instrumentation amplifier is claimed to offer a power-efficient solution for precision signal and sensor conditioning, it features a low input offset drift of less than 0.3 µV/°C and an input signal range that extends 300 mV beyond the supply rails.

The AD8237 operates off a single supply voltage of 1.8 V to 5.5 V and is in a compact MSOP-8 package. The gain (1 to 1000) is set by the ratio of two external resistors, which combined with industry leading gain error performance, provides superior gain accuracy over temperature.

23 August 2012   -   Multiplexers for High-Voltage Industrial Apps

ADG5206 and ADG5207 Multiplexers for Industrial, Instrumentation and Process Control Applications.

Two new multiplexers able to guarantee latch-up prevention in high-voltage industrial applications.

Both the ADG5206 and ADG5207 are available now in 28-lead TSSOP & LFCSP package.

14 August 2012   -   Small,Low Power AFE for Vital Sign Monitoring Apps

The AD8232 AFE is 50 percent smaller and uses up to 20 percent less power enabling designers to develop heart rate and cardiac monitor devices for use outside of critical-care settings.

The AD8232 AFE was designed specifically to meet the ECG signal conditioning requirements of emerging fitness, portable/wearable monitoring and remote health monitoring equipment.

7 August 2012   -   Dual 14-bit A/D Conv Cuts Power Consumption 22%

The AD9645 is a two-channel, high-performance 14-bit, 125-MSPS A/D converter reducing total power consumption by 22% over competing solutions. Delivering high speed and wide dynamic range at lower power, the A/D converter is available in a 5-mm x 5-mm package, a 30 percent space savings over competitive solutions.

27 July 2012   -   36 V, 1A, Synchronous, Step-Down DC-DC Regulator

The ADP2441 is a constant frequency, current mode control, synchronous, step-down dc-to-dc regulator that is capable of driving loads up to 1 A with excellent line and load regulation characteristics.

9 July 2012   -   Isolated, Dual Channel RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver

The ADM3252E is a high speed, 2.5 kV fully isolated, dual-channel RS-232/V.28 transceiver device that is operational from a single 3.3 V or 5 V power supply.

Because of high ESD protection on the RIN1, RIN2, TOUT1, and TOUT2 pins, the ADM3252E is ideally suited for operation in electrically harsh environments or where RS-232 cables are frequently plugged and unplugged.

The ADM3252E provides four independent isolation channels using the integrated and isolated power of isoPower™. There is no requirement to use a separate isolated dc-to-dc converter. Chip scale transformer iCoupler® technology from Analog Devices, Inc., is used for both the isolation of the logic signals and the integrated dc-to-dc converter. The result is a total isolation solution.

3 July 2012   -   6 Current, 1 Voltage Channel Energy Metering IC

The ADE7816 is a highly accurate, multichannel metering device that is capable of measuring one voltage channel and up to six current channels. It measures line voltage and current and calculates active and reactive energy, as well as instantaneous rms voltage and current.

The device incorporates seven sigma-delta (Σ-Δ) ADCs with a high accuracy energy measurement core. The six current input channels allow multiple loads to be measured simultaneously.

The voltage channel and the six current channels each have a complete signal path allowing for a full range of measurements. Each input channel supports a flexible gain stage and is suitable for use with current transformers (CTs).

Six on-chip digital integrators facilitate the use of the Rogowski coil sensors.

The ADE7816 provides access to on-chip meter registers via either the SPI or I2C interface. A dedicated high speed interface, the high speed data capture (HSDC) port, can be used in conjunction with I2C to provide access to real-time ADC output information.

A full range of power quality information, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, peak, and sag detection, is accessible via the two external interrupt pins, IRQ0 and IRQ1.

The ADE7816 energy metering IC operates from a 3.3 V supply volt

18 June 2012   -   High Voltage,Low Quiescent Current Buck Reg

The ADP2370/ADP2371 are high efficiency, low quiescent current, 800 mA buck (step-down) dc-to-dc converters in small 8-lead, 3 mm x 3 mm LFCSP (QFN) packages. The total solution requires only three tiny external components.

The buck regulator uses a proprietary high speed current mode, constant frequency PWM control scheme for excellent stability and transient response. The need for an external rectifier is eliminated by using a high efficiency synchronous rectifier architecture.

To ensure the longest battery life in portable applications, the ADP2370/ADP2371 employ a power saving variable frequency mode that reduces the switching frequency under light load conditions. The ADP2370/ADP2371 operate from input voltages of 3.2 V to 15 V allowing the use of multiple alkaline/NiMH, lithium cells, or other standard power sources.

18 June 2012   -   Low Power Precision Analog Microcontroller

The ADuCM360 is a fully integrated, 4 kSPS, 24-bit data acquisition system incorporating dual, high performance multi-channel sigma-delta analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), 32-bit ARM Cortex M3® MCU, and Flash/EE memory on a single chip.

The part is designed for direct interfacing to external precision sensors in both wired and battery powered applications.

The device contains an on-chip 32 KHz oscillator and an internal 16MHz high-frequency oscillator. This clock is routed through a programmable clock divider from which the MCU core clock operating frequency is generated. The maximum core clock speed is 16MHz and this is not limited by operating voltage or temperature.

The microcontroller core is a low power Cortex-M3 core from ARM. It is a 32-bit RISC machine, offering up to 20 MIPS peak performance.

The Cortex-M3 MCU incorporates a flexible 11-channel DMA controller supporting all wired (SPI, UART, I2C) communication peripherals. 128k Bytes of non-volatile Flash/EE and 8k Bytes of SRAM are also integrated on-chip.



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