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Infinite Power Solutions - THINENERGY® MEC - Bluetooth Low Energy Apps - 23 April 2012

IPS's THINERGY® Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) products are the ideal energy storage solution for many Bluetooth® Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) devices and are particularly well suited to power these emerging devices, thanks to the low power wireless radio protocol.

THINERGY MECs are poised to be the battery of choice to power many Smart devices because they enable smaller, thinner form factors, and provide high power, unrivalled cycle life, and longer service life than conventional batteries.

As a result, THINERGY MECs enable a low cost, hassle-free, permanent power solution for a variety of consumer oriented wireless sensors.

  • MECs can be autonomously recharged using ambient energy harvesting, such as a small, inexpensive solar cell or other harvesting device. Designers can implement a 4V THINERGY MEC with an energy harvester to provide permanent, maintenance-free power for the life of the device.

    Therefore, a MEC-based solution eliminates the aggravation of frequent disposal and recycling of conventional batteries (coin-cell), as well as the logistics and labor costs associated with battery replacement, allowing for the lowest total cost of ownership for a Bluetooth Smart device.

  • Markets for these new Bluetooth Smart devices include health care, sports and fitness, automotive, security, and home entertainment.

    Example devices include heart-rate monitors, glucose meters, health thermometers, key fobs, remote controls, smart watches, wireless keyboards, body sensors and a wide variety of other health and fitness wireless sensors.
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