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Cermetek - Telephone Line Interface Modules (DAA) - 3 July 2012

XE0092 telephone line interface provides a compact, low cost solution for the required protective circuitry for connection to the telephone line. The XE0092 suits data, fax, audio and DTMF signaling applications.

The XE0092 supplies a complete telephone line interface or DAA (Data Access Arrangement) in a compact, surface-mount module. It offers an alternative to a discrete DAA for a multitude of voice, audio, DTMF, fax and data applications.

The XE0092 replaces 25 to 30 discrete components with a single, fully-assembled and fully-tested unit.

The XE0092 does not sacrifice performance for small size and surface-mount convenience. The wide bandwidth, low distortion design provides sufficient bandwidth for a 56K bps analog modem.

Like all our DAA's the XE0092 is a complete DAA. It includes a 2-4 wire converter, loop current holding circuit, hook switch and ring indicator. It also supports Caller ID. The XE0092 complies with FCC Part 68 rules for direct connection to the telephone line.

Cermetek offers the XE0092 in three lead styles; the XE0092 with gull-wing leads, the leadless XE0092LCC, and the XE0092T through-hole model. All versions offer the same outstanding performance.

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    Key Features
  • Low-profile, surface-mount package; XE0092, XE0092LCC.
  • Meets line interface requirements for reliable V.90 and V.92 communications.
  • Typical Second Harmonic Distortion of -80 dB.
  • Part 68 Compliant.
  • Integrated 2-to-4 wire converter provides 40 dB Transhybrid Loss.
  • Supports detection of incoming Caller ID signals.
  • Integrated Ring Detection.
  • Low power operation: Just 10 milliamps from a single + 3.3 Volt Power Supply.
  • Solid-State Hook Switch Control.

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