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Sharp Microelectronics - The New SHARP Memory LCD Technology - 16 November 2012

PNLC and HR-TFT Modules
Sharp's Polymer Networked Liquid Crystal (PNLC) - type Memory LCD is composed of a PNLC layer formed between a transparent surface electrode and mirror-reflective pixel electrodes.
The PNLC module uses a scattering mode and does not require polarizers, which results in a very bright reflective display. A 1-bit memory circuit is embedded into each pixel, which retains the pixel information once it's written.

Sharp's high-contrast HR-TFT technology adds a polarizer to the top layer to greatly enhance the contrast of the display. The black level is dramatically enhanced, resulting in an almost paper-like black and white image.

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  • Delivers a high-contrast, high-resolution display allowing for denser content than many other types of same-sized LCDs
  • eliminates sweeping images or "ghosting"
  • An embedded 1-bit memory in every pixel enables each pixel to hold state while requiring very little current
  • Delivers an "always on" display that uses little power (only single supply voltage required), helps create products with longer battery life
  • Response time of the Memory LCD makes it fast enough to display motion video
  • Bold crisp black images delivered by high-resolution capability in a small diagonal display
  • A lightweight, two-glass design plus an integrated driver in the panel provides an exceptionally thin module

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