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Fuzetec Technology Co., Ltd - Lo Rho Technology - 21 March 2012

Fuzetec is pleased to offer Lo Rho PPTC device in both SMD and Strap type forms which are ideal for Portable electronics Battery protection/Protection Circuit Module (PCM), high speed data /charging USB 3.0 and other applications which require compact space and flexible design.

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    Key Features
  • Ultra Low Resistance
  • Smaller Dimension, only ¼ of Std. Carbon PPTC
  • Less Voltage Drop (Lower Resistance)
  • Higher Ihold (same dimension)
  • Lower Power Consumption (Smaller Pd)

  • Typical Application
  • Portable Electronics : SMART PHONE, iPHONE, iPAD & etc
  • USB 3.0

  • How Lo Rho PPTCs benefit your portable electronics?
  • Longer Use/Stand by Time
  • Faster Data Transmission rate
  • Faster Power Charging Time
  • Low Noise on Signal/Data Transmission
  • Lower Power Consumption

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