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Interquip Electronics Company Limited


The product line of Interquip Electronics includes SMD quartz crystal resonators in both seam welded and Interquip Electronics' patented All Quartz enclosure.

The size of the All Quartz resonators range from 10x4.5mm footprint down to 2.5x2.0mm. The fundamental frequencies available in this SMD enclosure start as low as 3.2MHz and range as high as 50MHz. Quartz crystal resonators in leaded, metal enclosures in both standard and moderately high precision are also manufactured.

Other products include both leaded DIP and SMD clock oscillators, temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO), voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO) and oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO).


30 August 2012   -   SMAC-5032 All Ceramic Crystal Resonator

SMAC-5032 - All Ceramic Crystal Resonator (SMD ~ 5.0 x 3.2 x 1.0mm).

2 / 4 pads version available.

10 April 2012   -   Interquip Electronics' Products

APEX Electronics has cut reels of Crystals to help with prototyping and small run projects.

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