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Linx Technologies, Inc.


Incorporated in 1997, Linx Technologies is a leading provider within the wireless industry of cost-effective, easily applied and highly versatile radio frequency (RF) products.

Because of its capacity to make the complex process of applying RF simpler, the company is recognized as the key enabler of RF technology.

Since its inception, Linx has directly served over 10,000 customers and countless more through distributors worldwide.


19 February 2013   -   µSP "MicroSplatch" Antennas

The MicroSplatch™ low-cost embedded antenna is perfect for remote controls, pagers and compact data transmission devices.

It is available in the 403MHz, 418MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 916MHz and 2.4GHz bands.

19 February 2013   -   Small External Antennas

Small external antennas protrude outside the product case. They work well for common applications that need good performance as well as a relatively small antenna. They're available in connectorised and permanent-mount styles.

The picture shown is the WRT-MON Series Tamper Resistant Antennas.

14 February 2013   -   DS Encoder/Decoder - Robust Serial Protocol

The market exit by Linx Technologies Holtek® from the DIP switch device market is being replaced by its robust serial protocol the DS Encoder/Decoder IC, it includes support for the older Holtek® protocol, providing a migration path for the many applications using Holtek® devices, such as the HT640 and HT658.

To aid rapid development, the DS Series Encoder/Decoder is available as part of a basic evaluation system. The system comes with two evaluation boards for benchmarking and prototyping, one with a Linx LR Transmitter and DS Encoder and another with a Linx LR Receiver and DS Decoder.

17 December 2012   -   Linx RF Module Evaluation & Development Kits

Each kit comes with two evaluation or development boards for benchmarking and prototyping, each of which is populated with one or more modules. A prototyping area gives you a place to develop circuitry.

To help you get started, each kit also includes antennas and extra modules.

Compared to an evaluation board, a development board has a larger prototyping area and an interface for connecting to a PC.

9 July 2012   -   Transceiver for Continuous/Periodic Digital Data

The NT Series uses a True Transparency™ interface that lets the user create a wireless wire for use with nonstandard data rates, custom protocols, or encodings such as PWM and Manchester.

The module features best-in-class receive sensitivity (up to -113dBm) and low power consumption (only 19.2mA in receive mode and 15.2mA in transmit mode at 0dBm).

23 April 2012   -   LINX - a growing RF technology company

Linx Technologies, Inc. is comprised of three divisions: Linx Technologies, Antenna Factor, and Connector City. The largest division, Linx Technologies, specializes in hybrid wireless modules, OEM RF products, and interface solutions such as encoder/decoder ICs.

Antenna Factor specializes in cost-effective standard and custom antennas for a wide range of consumer and industrial wireless products.

Connector City provides high quality standard and custom connectors and cable assemblies for volume OEM applications.

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