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One of the most comprehensive surge protective components provider in the world,Brightking has been engaged in circuit protection from initally single product to today's diversity.


10 April 2012   -   Overvoltage Protection

Brightking Surge Protection Components specialist of over voltage protection, below is their product information:

Best in clamping capability applicable to Secondary Protection, IC/ASIC Protection and Telecom Lines Protection.

Best in fast response time and clamping capability application to power Lines Protection, Large Surge Protection and Telecom Lines Protection.

Best in clamping capability applicable to Main Boards, Touch Panel, Keyboard and Portable Equipments.

Best in ultra low inter-electrode capacitance and high discharge currents applicable to CATV, Power Modules and Telecom equipment. GDT is a switching-type component with excellent surge absorbing capacity which could reach 20KA, 40KA, 50KA, 60KA, 100KA, 150KA or above and have the broadest application in surge protection equipments. Low capacitance (Minimum: 1pF), High insulating resistance: 1G Ohm.

Best in resettable features applicable to Small Motors over current protection.

Best in fast response time and clamping capabilities applicable to CATV, Switching Power Supplies and xDSL. SPG is a glass-tubed surge absorber, characterized by fast-response, low spark over voltage and high insulating resistance, etc.

TSS-Thyristor Surge Suppressors solid state protects telecommunications equipment such as modems, line cards, fax machines and other CPE.

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