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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor


Headquartered in California AOS have expertise in all areas of Power semiconductor technology.

They install proprietary wafer processing and packaging technologies at partner foundries to facilitate the design and manufacture of advanced power products. With their knowledge and experience they improve the manufacturing capabilities of the sub micron foundries and enable high performance products to reach the marketplace.


29 June 2013   -   Alpha and Omega AON6250 150V Power MOSFET

The AON6250 is well suited for a wide range of applications that are pushing the limits of efficiency such as primary side and secondary side switching in telecom and industrial DC/DC converters, secondary side synchronous rectification in DC/DC and AC/DC converters, as well as solar micro-inverters, and POL modules for telecom systems.

AON6250 delivers fast switching performance and the on-resistance of this device is 57% lower than the previous generations and is 8% lower than the leading 150V devices. AON6250 delivers the best figure-of-merit for RDS(ON) * COSS, thereby reducing the energy loss incurred during switching. The result is increased efficiency in both light-load and heavy-load conditions.

12 March 2013   -   Robust 600V AlphaMOS-II MOSFET Family

AOTF11C60 and AOTF20C60, 600V MOSFETs with AlphaMOS™ II combines planar-like robustness and controlled switching characteristics with the low on-resistance performance of super-junction type devices.

The AOTF11C60 and AOTF20C60 are ideally suited for high-voltage applications where reliability and performance are critical. Such applications include server, telecom and networking power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, solar inverters, industrial motor control systems and LED lighting.

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12 March 2013   -   New Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction is a vital part of increasing overall power grid efficiency.

The AOZ7111 is ideally suited for PFC applications that operate in critical conduction mode (CRM) such as switch mode power supplies (SMPS), LCD TVs, LED and ballast lighting, and AC-DC adapters.

23 January 2013   -   MOSFETs - Industry's Lowest On-Resistance

New 80V and 100V MOSFETs offer Industry's Lowest On-Resistance in a DFN3.3x3.3 package.

AON7280 and AON7290, the newest additions to its new 80V and 100V AlphaMOS™ medium voltage portfolio. These new products are well suited for a wide range of applications that include secondary side synchronous rectification in DC/DC and AC/DC converters, POL modules for telecom systems, and POE networking applications.

The 80V AON7280 and 100V AON7290 offer ultra-low RDS(ON) that are 27% and 10% better than the leading competitors, respectively. The low on-resistance minimizes conduction losses and allows the device to operate at lower temperatures.

These solutions are packaged in a green DFN3.3x3.3 package, giving circuit designers flexibility in board space critical applications.

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23 January 2013   -   Low Voltage MOSFETs in a Super-Small DFN 1.0x0.6mm

AON1605 and AON1606 are housed in a tiny DFN1.0x0.6 package, while AON1611, AON1620, and AON1634 are offered in an ultra-small DFN1.6x1.6mm package.

The ultra low on-resistance of these devices reduces conduction losses, translating into lower power consumption and longer battery life, which is essential in wireless applications.

The compact footprint and ultra-thin (≤ 0.55mm) profile of both DFN1.6x1.6 and DFN1.0x0.6 power packages enables more efficient solutions in space constrained applications.

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22 November 2012   -   Highly Integrated Power ICs

AOZ123x-01 - Highly integrated Power ICs for next generation computing platforms.

Proprietary Constant On-Time (COT) architecture enables low ripple operation with small ceramic output capacitors, offers ultra-fast transient response.


8 November 2012   -   New Ground Exposed Die Pad Power IC Platform

An innovative packaging technology capable of exceptional power dissipation.

25 October 2012   -   XS Series MOSFET Packaging Technology

AOS sets new standard with XS Series MOSFET packaging technology.

Best-in-class performance and power density, critical for high efficiency server, telecom, data storage and motor control applications.

19 October 2012   -   High Efficiency 600V Best-in-Class IGBTs

AlphalGBT™ - first family of High Efficiency 600V Best-in-Class IGBTs.

Addressing the growing need for energy efficient devices targeting motor control and power conversion.

10 October 2012   -   AOC2403 Industry's 1st Molded Chip Scale Package

AOC2403 industry's first Molded Chip Scale Package.

MCSP a breakaway technological innovation for space-constrained portable devices.

23 August 2012   -   Industry-Leading Performance for Telecom Power

New 100V AON6290 delivers industry-leading performance for Telecom Power.

Lowest on-resistance and best switching performance maximize system efficiencies.

14 August 2012   -   8V Power MOSFETs - Lower Power,Extend Battery Life

The AON2400 and AON2401 feature ultra-low on-resistance rated at 1.2VGS to extend battery life in low voltage applications.

Housed in a thermally enhanced DFN2x2 power package the compact footprint (2mm x 2mm) and ultra-thin (0.6 mm) profile and are available in N-Channel and P-Channel versions.

7 August 2012   -   AOC2411 - Power MOSFET Shrinks Board Space by 70%

AOC2411, a high performance 30V p-channel Power MOSFET reduces area by 70% and package height by 50% in a compact 1.6mm x 1.6mm chip scale package.

Features a low on resistance of 45mOhms and is ideally suited for battery powered applications that push the limits of size and performance.

27 July 2012   -   AOZ1282xx EZBuck™ 1.2A Simple Buck Regulator

The AOZ128xxx series is a high efficiency, simple to use, 1.2A buck regulator flexible enough to be optimized for a variety of applications.

AOZ1282CI - SOT23-6.
AOZ1282DI - DFN2x2-8L.

AOZ1284PI (SO8) is a high voltage, high efficiency, simple to use, 4A buck regulator optimized for a variety of applications.

The AOZ1284 integrates an N-channel high-side power MOSFET and works from a 3.0V to 36V input voltage range, and provides up to 4A of continuous output current. The output voltage is adjustable from 30V down to 0.8V.

3 July 2012   -   30V Power MOSFET Slashes Conduction Losses

AON6500, a sub-milliohm, energy efficient, 30V n-channel Power MOSFET housed in a DFN 5mm x 6mm package. This new device enables high performance power switching in demanding industrial motor control and advanced power supply applications.

Its ultra-low on-resistance of 0.95mOhm at 10VGS makes it an ideal solution for DC/DC conversion, or using MOSFET, and E-fuse safety switching functions required in high end computing, telecom and point-of-load power supply applications.

The AON6500 employs AOS' proprietary AlphaMOS™ (MOS™) 30V technology, which improves RDS(ON) by 40% compared to the previous generation - which significantly reduces power losses in applications.

The high performance offered in the compact DFN 5x6 package provides designers the flexibility to optimize performance, space, and cost in their power systems.

The AlphaMOS 30V technology enables higher power density and performance in advanced power systems, allowing designers to reduce power losses in demanding applications.

AON6500 is in halogen-free DFN5x6 package and is 100% UIS and Rg tested.

25 January 2012   -   Buck regulators - Thermally enhanced package

The AOZ1050 and AOZ1051 high efficiency, simple-to-use synchronous buck regulators are available in a thermally enhanced exposed pad SO-8 package, delivering output current of 2A and 3A, respectively. These new devices are well suited for a variety of consumer electronics applications such as LCD TV, Set-top-boxes, DVD players and recorders.

The low on-resistance of internal power MOSFETs in these devices allows higher efficiency and less heat generation. The full load efficiency of AOZ1051 is 7% higher and IC surface temperature is almost 40°C lower than that of the leading competitor. Adjustable soft-start time provides system designers with flexibility for power-up sequencing.

Cycle-by-cycle current limiting combined with unique hiccup short-circuit protection ensure reliable operation under any abnormal conditions.

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