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ZOWIE Technology Corporation


ZOWIE Technology Corporation founded in 1994 is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced discrete semiconductor products. It is Zowie's goal to develop "the Next Generation Diodes".

Zowie's technological experts put 4 years into researching and developing the new products, GPRC (Glass Passivated Rectifier Chip) successfully went through the first tryout in 1995 and then it officially marketed in 1998. At the same time, the new package technologies SCD (SuperChip Diode), the first chip diode in the world, was also announced in 2001.

Since then, Zowie has continued to innovate, offering Schottky chip diodes, rectifier chip diodes, low Vf rectifier diodes, ultra low Vf schottky diodes, and a full range of bridge rectifiers including the ultra miniature MBCR SMD series.


5 August 2013   -   ZOWIE Technology Corporation SMD Rectifying Diodes

Zowie now have a full range of rectifying diodes including standard recovery, fast recovery, high efficiency and ultra-fast recovery as well as Low Vf in their Superchip chip-type packages.

As well as offerings in industry standard packages such as SMA, SMB and SMC, they now supply 1A in 1206 size, 1A and 2A in 2010 package (suitable for SMA footprint) and 2A and 3A in 2114 package (suitable for SMB footprint) up to 1000V in all series. Low Vf parts are available down to 0.93V.

These diodes are not only much smaller than traditional packages, but also typically lower cost.

3 December 2012   -   10A High Efficient Rectifier in P-600 Package

EGP100D Sintered Glass Passivated Junction high efficient rectifier.

11 September 2012   -   The ZOWIE Diode Advantage

Standard recovery rectifiers (glass passivated).

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