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Wiznet Co. Ltd. of Korea is an innovator in the design and manufacture of high-performance Ethernet solutions. Their patented iOffload technology feature a highly functioned hardwired TCP/IP stack coupled with a 10/100base-T MAC and PHY in a single package, enabling significant integration advantages without sacrificing performance.

Wiznet's solution allows designers access to stable, instant connectivity that doesn't crash. Offloading the TCP/IP also reduces the requirement for the processor to handle frequent interrupts, and frees up memory space. No stack-overloads, no license fees, low-cost, with speeds up to 50Mbps, WIZnet ICs have been selected by manufacturers worldwide as the best solution for Ethernet-enabling.

WIZnet's portfolio includes chip level solutions, embedded network modules, serial-to-ethernet modules and embedded web servers as well as wireless Ethernet (with the WIZ610wi, an 802.11bg WLAN Access Point module a pin-head package).


29 June 2013   -   WIZnet IMCU7100EVB Evaluation Board

iMCU7100EVB is an Evaluation Board where the function and performance of W7100A can be tested and made for testing whole functions of internet embedded MCU W7100A.

iMCU7100EVB can easily build serial-to-Ethernet communication environment by using RS-232 port and LAN port; W7100A can also use supported Character LCD and other added ports to control and test the all functions of theW7100A chip.

29 June 2013   -   WIZnet iMCU-S2E Serial to Ethernet MCU

iMCU-S2E single chip Ethernet integrates MAC/PHY, hardwire TCP/IP core with pre-loaded MAC address. No programming required, RS-232, RS-422/485 ready. Gerber Files and Design Integration Guide.

Embeds an industrial standard MCU core
  • W7100-S2E : 8051 Core
  • W7200-S2E : Cortex M3 Core

  • Integrates with fully-hardwired TCP/IP core, Includes 10/100 Ethernet MAC & PHY.

    29 June 2013   -   WIZnet WizFi 630 802.11b/g/n Module

    WizFi630 is a high performance 802.11b/g/n Embedded WiFi module.

  • Operation Mode: Gateway, AP (Bridge), AP-Client, Client, AD-HOC
  • 1T1R RF Interface
  • Security: WEP 64/128bit, WPA/WPA2-PSK TKIP, AES and 802.1 xs
  • Easy Configuration: Built-in Web Server, Serial Command, Windows Utility
  • CE, FCC, KCC Certified

  • 17 December 2012   -   ARM32bit Cortex M3 - Hardwired TCP/IP, MAC & PHY

    Wiznet's iMCU W7200 - ARM32bit Cortex M3 with hardwired TCP/IP, MAC & PHY.

    14 August 2012   -   W5200 Ethernet PICtail™ (Plus) Board

    TWIZ5200 - Provides 10/100Mbps, half/full duplex Ethernet connectivity by onboard WIZnet W5200 Ethernet controller, which has hardwired TCP/IP processing engine.

    - You can purchase TWIZ5200 board at the MicrochipDIRECT.

    10 July 2012   -   High Performance 802.11b/g/n Embedded WiFi Module

    WizFi630 - High Performance 802.11b/g/n Embedded WiFi Module.

    25 January 2012   -   WizFi210 & WizFi220 - Antenna requirements

    WIZnet now supply the WizFi210 and WizFi220 in three versions according to antenna type.



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