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Linx Technologies, Inc. - Linx RF Module Evaluation & Development Kits - 17 December 2012

Each kit comes with two evaluation or development boards for benchmarking and prototyping, each of which is populated with one or more modules. A prototyping area gives you a place to develop circuitry.

To help you get started, each kit also includes antennas and extra modules.

Compared to an evaluation board, a development board has a larger prototyping area and an interface for connecting to a PC.

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    Evaluation & Development Kits available
  • NT Series Dev Kit
  • LT Series EV Kit
  • LR Series EV Kit
  • LC Series EV Kit
  • KH2 Series EV Kit
  • ES Series Dev Kit
  • ES Series EV Kit
  • HP3 Series Dev Kit
  • SG & SR Series Dev Kit
  • MT Series Dev Kit
  • MS Series Dev Kit
  • HS Series Dev Kit
  • QS Series Dev Kit

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