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Samsung Electronics - SAMSUNG MEMORY: FLASH - DRAM - NAND - SRAM - 5 August 2013

Samsung continues to lead the industry with its memory products and technological innovation.

Its large portfolio of Flash and DRAM devices is seen in a wide variety of projects and products. Samsung leads the industry with cutting-edge DRAM technology, including DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4.

Samsung eMMC offerings deliver highly intelligent managed NAND flash that helps simplify boot and mass storage designs for the latest in consumer electronics. Based on the latest JEDEC eMMC specification, the eMMC memory is produced in extremely compact sizes. Standardized packaging and device specifications plus intelligent firmware ease design work and provide a common footprint for the use of embedded and removable NAND.

Samsung QDR™ (Quad Data Rate) SRAM has a 16Mbit capacity and processes data at 200MHz while operating on 2.5 volts. In addition, the input/output processes are separate-unlike in conventional SRAM operation. This device comes with two separate data ports that run independently at Double Data Rate, resulting in the transmission of four items per clock cycle. Hence, the QDR SRAM can process four times as much data as conventional networking SRAMs.

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Picture Buy Part Numbers Part Descriptions RoHs PACKING STYLE
Sell Price Lead Time(days) Order Multiple Available Qty Online Specs
KLM4G1YEMD-B031001eMMC5.0 Flash memory 64Gb x 1 200 MHz 2.7-3.6V FBGA-153RoHsTray100N/A NZD34.1178
MOQ 100
KLMAG1JETD-B041006NAND Flash 16GB eMMC 5.1 -25~+85 deg C FBGA-153 11.5 x 13.8 x 0.8mmRoHsTray1120FBGA-153 NZD13.6138
MOQ 1120
K4T51083QN-BCE7000SDRAM DDR2 Q-Die 800MHz 64M x 8 Vcc 1.7~1.9V temp range 0~95 deg C FBGA-60RoHsTray1280N/A NZD3.6497
MOQ 1280
CL32A106KOJNNNEMLCC 1210 10uf X5R 16V +/-10% SMDRoHsTape/Reel10001210 NZD0.6843
MOQ 1000
CL21F225ZAFNNNEMLCC 0805 2.2uf Y5V 25V +80~-20% SMDRoHsTape/Reel20000805 NZD0.0883
MOQ 2000
CL21F105ZAFNNNEMLCC 0805 1uf Y5V 25V +80~-20% SMDRoHsTape/Reel20000805 NZD0.0533
MOQ 2000
CL10B471KB8NNNCMLCC 0603 470pf X7R 50V +/-10% SMDRoHsTape/Reel40000603 NZD0.0187
MOQ 4000
CIM05U601NCChip ferrite bead SMD 0402 600R +/-25% Imax = 0.3A RDC = .6 Ohms Tape/reelRoHsTape/reel10000402 NZD0.0574
MOQ 10000
MZ7PD480HAGM-000DASM843 Solid state disc 480GBRoHsBox20SMD 17.7x16.3 NZD1,564.1379
MOQ 100
SM843T 960GBSM843T Solid state disc 960GBRoHsBox202.5" NZD8,048.7931
MOQ 20
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